I found it to be a wonderful experience, lovely technicians, great ambience, amazing treatment, will surely recommend it.

Robyn Tollady

Brilliant results, will 100% come back and recommend to others.

Grace Adderley

The whole experience was great! The staff was extremely polite and well informed. Thanks!

Anjali D'cunha

I enjoyed my experience at SmileBar. My teeth became up to 10 shades lighter with the treatment. I was impressed with the professionalism and excellent service. Thanks for making my smile brighter.

Sonia Anthony

Excellent Service! Even better ambience!

Pratik Jadhwani

It was a pleasure being here! Nice experience. The ambience is awesome. Never seen before and, after the treatment I'm feeling more confident and have now got a reason to smile!

Neha Nagrani

It was a great experience. Incredible change in the shade of my teeth, painless treatment and quite quick, would surely visit again as well as recommend others too. Thank you for your service and time.

Ruchi Alika

Love this lounge atmosphere, non-intimidating and not at all like a dreaded visit to the dentist! Friendly! Professional staff!

Harshil Asnani

Amazing! A very good treatment introduced in India!

Namita Sonawane

Very good results in the fastest possible way! Excellent!

Sneha Talreja

SmileBar is a state-of-the-art bleaching centre, equipped with the latest equipment and thorough professionals. As a dentist, I would surely recommend it to all those who want to flash a bright, white and clean smile.

Dr. Viraj Kakade

I would like to thank SmileBar for the new service they're offering. I was more than impressed with the results and plan on coming back in the future! While I was skeptical at first, the staff quickly eased my concerns with their professionalism and spotless facility. I would definitely recommend teeth whitening from SmileBar.

Trent Orzechowski

SmileBar has been my first teeth whitening experience and I can honestly say that the results are even better than I expected. I would 100% recommend this service to everyone. Results are immediate and I can see a real difference in my teeth. The service was of real high quality and the staff was very friendly! Very clean as well! Looking forward to my next session!

Anna Maria Missouri

The process was relaxing, the staff were friendly and the results were great! Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to brighten up their smile.

Jamie Ward

Thank you SmileBar! I recently whitened my teeth and am surprised on how white my teeth got as they were already quite white to begin with! The staff, facility and service in general all get my recommendation and I look forward to going back for my next treatment.

Maria Murphy

I think it’s a really innovative and quick concept. People are going to love it!

Priya Chapekar

Everything is perfect. Just loved the entire experience. Definitely recommended.

Bindu Hasija

What an amazing experience. Painless & quick. My teeth dropped up to 10 shades whiter in just 15 minutes. Definitely coming back!!

Ritu Pandey

Everything is just perfect! It can't get any better!

Meera Punjabi

This was a good experience and the result is fantastic. All the best to the organization and the kind staff.

Mehdi Joudi

Good place. Happy to have SmileBar in Mumbai. Keep it up!

Aaliya Suhail

Super service. Great ambience. Friendly staff. Love the lounge atmosphere - not intimidating at all like a dreaded visit to the dentist. Friendly and professional staff.

Sheetal Nidai

Amazing results!! Easiest way to have pearly whites.

Radhika Khadria

Lovely ambience, friendly staff and very happy with the results.

Shilpa Moon

Superb experience! Very trendy vibes and will visit again for sure!

Shivangi Nichani